Backflow services

  • Testing
  • Installations/replacement installations
  • Repair

Wire diagnostics

  • Locate non-responsive or faulty irrigation valves
  • Locate shorts and cut wires

Valve locating and wire diagnostics repair services due to:

  • Road construction
  • Lightning/surge damage
  • Failing or faulty valves

2-wire system diagnostics, repair and maintenance services

  • Extensive experience in 2-wire diagnostics and repair
  • Decoder diagnostics
  • Ground testing and installation services available
  • Additions and expansions to existing 2-wire systems

System redesign and partial reinstallation projects due to:

  • House additions
  • Road construction projects
  • Landscaping changes

Irrigation Auditing (and basic audits for small residential)

  • This is a great tool to minimize water usage and maximize plant health and heat tolerance by increasing the root structure depth of turf areas.
  • This test will calculate the efficiency of your existing irrigation system.
  • Create an efficient and distinct watering schedule designed to properly irrigate your existing landscape given conditions such as soil type, sun light, and plant material as well as many other factors involving different microclimates throughout the irrigated areas.

Athletic Field Services

  • Irrigation Auditing Services for system optimization of water usage
  • Sprinkler head adjustments, raise to grade and sprinkler head straightening
  • Repairs and improvements