Residential Service Contract Option

Spring Start-ups (March-May):

  • Backflow and/or pump installation
  • System inspection
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Suggestions for upgrades and water conservation

Mid-season inspections (June-Sept.)

  • System inspection
  • Repairs
  • Hot Spot checks

Late-season inspections (Sept./Oct.)

  • System inspection
  • Sprinkler head marking prior to aeration
  • Repairs
  • Hot Spot checks


  • Backflow removal
  • Pump removal or antifreeze (if required)
  • System drain down

Upgrades and retrofits (in order to decreases water usage and increase efficiency)

  • Upgrade standard sprinkler heads to high efficiency sprinkler heads
  • Upgrade standard officiating controller to a smart controller
  • Upgrade wired rain sensor to wireless rain sensor for more appropriate location for improved functionality

Controller reprogramming for water conservation

  • Cycle/Soak programming to minimize runoff and water consumption

HOA and community discounts (with multiple service contracts within community)

Additional irrigation services:

  • Backflow services
  • Wire diagnostics
  • Valve locating and wire diagnostics repair services
  • System redesign and partial reinstallation projects